Rudolph's Revenge Virtual 10k

28th December 2020

By Lisa Webb


“Let’s do rudolfs revenge!” she said. “It’ll be fun!” She said.

And yes Celina was right!! Such fun! Now if you had said to a 12-year-old Lisa that at 50 you will run 6.2 miles through mud and puddles and enjoy it, she would have said “Are you having a giraffe?”

I disliked everything about cross country - the running, the mud and the cold! But now it seems the more I do it the more I love it! The cold? No problem. I think the hot flushes help! And, yeah, ya get a bit muddy and, yeah, it’s tiring at times but boy do ya feel good after you’ve done it!

Embrace the mud

For anyone who hasn’t done a trail before I can’t recommend it enough. If ya get yourself a good pair of trail shoes and embrace the mud I’m sure you’ll love it as much too. We had a giggle tonight with some very squelchy moments, and feeling like Christmas puds in custard!

The best advice tonight came from Nic, “pretend you’re little again with wellies on and splash through!” And that’s just what we did!! Well done Celina Appleby, Becky Coulman and Nic JJ and thanks for being our guide Andy Dickerson! So much for Rudolph's Revenge. Till next year.