Trying us out

You are welcome to take part in up to three of the club’s weekly runs before you have to decide whether or not to become a member. Just text Paul Clarke on 07989 113756 and let him know which date you would like to attend (club runs are always on Thursday evenings) and which of the 4, 6 or 8 mile events you would like to try. Paul will then arrange for you be met at the entrance to Costello Stadium (where parking is free) at 6.15 and taken through to the clubhouse where you can be introduced to members who will be taking part in your chosen run (starting at 6.30). It would help if you mentioned your experience as a runner – beginner, regular at parkrun, budding marathon runner – so that we can ensure someone will run with you at a comfortable pace. Don’t worry about being too slow (see the section below on ”KUHAC Kavaliers”).

Membership cost

The trial runs are free. If you decide to join, just click here and fill in the membership form, then pay the annual £35 fee. You will see that there is an option for you pay an extra £17 to become registered with England Athletics. Basically, this option will give you a £2 discount every time you sign up to take part in an official event such as the Beverley, Walkington, South Cave or Doncaster 10Ks. If you are not sure whether these events are going to feature in your future plans, feel free to leave the EA membership for the time being: you can always pick it up at a later date if it seems useful.

Once you join

You will be invited to join the club’s Facebook page where you will see all the KUHAC events advertised including the three weekly club runs (with maps of the routes) and any special plans including visits to various parkruns in the area (such as Beverley, Normanby Hall and Sewerby). The club’s “home” parkrun is Peter Pan but on most Saturdays you will find some members at Humber Bridge and East Park as well as those travelling further afield. Social events – quizzes, Christmas get-togethers, Halloween trail runs – will also be flagged up on the club page. There might be a charge for some of these but most club events are free.

Fancy a change?

We are a road-running club but our links to the main club at Costello give us access to the track and facilities at the stadium. Every other Tuesday, qualified run leaders take training sessions on the track that will give you a new experience of running – and possibly help your speed! At the moment it costs £5.45 to enter the stadium for this session.

On alternative Tuesdays, the option is to join a free hill training session where a qualified run leader will have you running hard up slopes at Welton and Brantingham (in the summer) and under the lights in Hull (during the darker months). Excellent for your stamina, if you have never tried it!

Club house

This is where we gather on Thursday evenings before our regular runs. You can buy club vests and t-shirts here as well as soft drinks and the occasional bun. Once you have your shirt in the club colours (£15), you have the option of spending another £8.50 and having your name added – guarantees you some shout-outs when you are on the run-in at your next 10K (or, as in the photo of Becky below, finishing your first marathon!)

Hill races

During the summer months, the club organises a series of runs based around local hills – South Cave, Skidby and Brantingham for example (and across the Humber Bridge and back which is tougher than you think!). Usually a group will gather to do each particular one but you have the full month to record your best time so you can always go back and try it again solo if you think you can improve. There is a trophy for the person who accumulates the best times over the series which is handed over at a special club presentation evening in November. And the winner on handicap is also recognised with an award – we like to spread the glory.


Our golden rules during runs are that no-one is left behind and no-one runs on their own. So we have a system called the KUHAC Kavaliers where, for each of the three weekly distances, there is a named member who will effectively be the back marker and who will ensure that he or she will be running with the slowest person in the run. We are never short of volunteers for this special job.

Winter League

Once the hill race series comes to an end, it’s time for monthly Winter League runs to take its place. Another free to enter event for club members only, Winter League will take you on one Sunday every month over some of the area’s best trail runs. Each run is about 5K and is run on a handicap basis so that everyone, in theory, has an equal chance. Sounds complicated but that’s why we have a club statistician who understands these things.


You probably use your Garmin watch or an app on your phone to record your runs. If you haven’t already, it would be good for you to download the Strava app then join the club page. Everyone can then see your runs and there is a weekly club report based on everyone’s efforts as recorded on Strava.

South Cave 10K

Following its successful launch in 2021, we are looking forward to going back to Cave Castle in July 2022 to see more than 700 runners set off on our 10K. You probably won’t be running this one as everyone is needed for the organising and marshalling jobs but it promises to be another great event after we had loads of positive comments following the first one. Put 31 July in your diary!
Feeling ambitious?

You run at your own pace at Kingston but most of us want that pace to improve a little so we start setting targets – a PB at parkrun, my first 10K, first 10-miler maybe a half marathon or even the full 26.2 miles one day? We have training plans to help you reach your goals and people who have done it will be happy to help you as you try to improve your stamina and speed – up to and including running with you on the big day.

The clue is in the name

We are road runners so we run on roads – right? Well, most of the time yes but you will also get the chance to get your shoes muddy on some of the great trail runs in the area. As already mentioned Winter League and Hill Race runs will take you round some great local trails and if you go to do the Humber Bridge parkrun, that’s all in the country park. Occasionally our Thursday night runs will go off-road near Cottingham and we usually mark Christmas by dressing up and getting out across the fields. It’s not compulsory, but it’s great fun!

Running guides for blind or partially-sighted persons

If you, or someone you know, is visually impaired and has an ambition to perhaps take part in parkrun or to just get out for the occasional run, please get in touch as we have a few trained running guides among our members. They would be delighted to help.

Any problems or questions?

KUHAC is a friendly and welcoming club but if you do have any particular problems you can always have a chat with the men’s or ladies’ captains (David Rivers and Kaitlyn Jasper) or the respective vice-captains (Tom Aitchison and Emma Jackson). If you have anything that you think the club should be doing or thinking about then please contact one of the committee members – David, Kaitlyn and Emma plus Andy Dickerson, Brian Long and Paul Clarke.


Try us out for free first!!!

You can join in on upto three Kuhac club sessions before you have to sign up for a membership. This gives you a good chance to check us out first. Simply contact Paul Clarke, the Club Membership Coordinator, and he’ll arrange with you to try out some of our club sessions.

Paul Clarke
Club Membership Coordinator
[email protected]