club activities

From C25K to trail adventures and everything in between - we’ve got activities for all abilities.

Club Activities

  • Hill Sessions
    Weekly targeted training session at a predetermined location (usually a steep hill!). A good chance to improve your strength and climbing abilities, especially if working towards a big race.
  • Track sessions
    Weekly interval training session at Costello Stadium in Hull. Test your stamina and pace against the clock as you build to your big races.
  • Club run
    The highlight of our week. Starting at Costello Stadium in Hull, take your pick of three distances (roughly 4, 6, and 8 miles), find your pace buddies and have fun!
  • Trail running
    Regular trail runs around the hills of South Cave, Brantingham and Elloughton. Take in the scenery of the Yorkshire Wolds Way whilst tackling some interesting terrain. Some classic trail routes include the Nutwood route, ‘Little Wold Wonder’ and the infamous ‘7 Hills’.
  • Long Run
    The creme de la creme of any big race training plan. Whether it’s a Saturday or a Sunday, there’s sure to be a distance to suit. Either join in an event already happening or why not create your own?
  • Parkrun
    KUHAC is proud to call Peter Pan as its home Parkrun (just outside Costello Stadium). Our annual takeover of the event is always eagerly anticipated. We also arrange several opportunities for Parkrun tourism to expand our horizons!

Special Events

  • Couch to 5k
    Our premier programme for beginners, join several of your fellow runners on this remarkable journey that ends with “graduation” at a Peter Pan parkrun event.
  • Champagne league
    A league organised by City of Hull AC for members of local clubs, it comprises 10 races between 3 miles and 8.4 miles run between April and July. There are various competitions within the league including age group prizes.
  • Hill race
    A KUHAC-exclusive 6-race series running from April to September, all involving at least 1...yep! You guessed it.... hill. Your best 4 scores from 6 races count towards the competitions so get those climbing muscles flexed!
  • Festive trail run
    Fancy a spooky run through the woods? Or a jolly old jog? Our Halloween and Christmas trail runs take you on some interesting journeys so be sure to join our intrepid club members on a festive run. There’s always some form of cake and festive games afterwards to sweeten the deal.
  • 10k Competition
    A KUHAC-exclusive competition based on results achieved at 10k races. Points are awarded for each 10k race you run based on how close you run to your PB. You are your biggest competitor!
  • Awards night
    Our annual awards night celebrates the best of the year amongst our KUHAC family including the popular Runners’ Runner Of The Year award giveaway. We also take the opportunity to announce the winner of the London Marathon club ballot.
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