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Moshing on a marathon: my London adventure

22nd April 2024

Some times a plan works out perfectly. Jo trained for a specific time at her first London Marathon - so how close did she get?

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Believe in yourself: Cheryl and the Manchester Marathon

14th April 2024

She thought that injury was going to rob of her the chance but read what happened when Cheryl decided that she would give the Manchester marathon her best shot.

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UK Athletics Adults Safeguarding Policy

21st March 2024

Please take time to read the attached UK Athletics Safeguaging Policy and Procedures documement. 

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Kavaliers rota 2024

15th March 2024

Kavaliers Rota 2024

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Q&A - Paul Clarke

29th September 2023

He's the club's oldest runner and he's never touched a gel in his life so how does Paul Clarke keep going?

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Let’s do it again

18th September 2023

Paul Clarke takes a look back at this year's South Cave 10K and thanks the many people involved in making this event such a welcome addition to the local running calendar.

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Dogs' Dinners

11th September 2023

Every year, we choose a charity to benefit from the South Cave 10K. See how some local furry friends were given a real boost after the 2023 run.

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Q&A: Steve Sole

16th August 2023

He's partial to mushy pies and several more things you don't know about Steve Sole.

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Q&A - Jo Drewery

15th July 2023

She runs like a well-oiled machine but what's the secret food that keeps her going? Read all about Jo Drewery in the latest Kuhac interview.

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Lakesman Review

28th June 2023

Sam Brown is now a Lakesman. If you want to know the incredible effort that goes in to being able to make that claim - read on!

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Scandi parkrun triple

9th June 2023

He had a dream...of running three parkruns in two countries in four days. David Rivers tells us how his trip more than lived up to expectations.

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Welcome KUHAC Welfare Officer Mike Gill

26th May 2023

Mike explains his hopes and plans for the role of club Welfare Officer.

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The Pink Imposter: Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon Weekend

18th May 2023

Everyone has seen the emotional pictures from the events at Leeds honouring Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield, but what was it like to be there on the day and to run your first marathon? Celina Appleby makes you feel the pain and the glory in this brilliant account.

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KUHAC Q&A - Natalie Angelopoulos

17th May 2023

You know her for her athletic achievements but which striking Viking would Natalie invite to dinner (and no, it's not Erling Haaland!). Find out in the latest Kuhac interview.

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Beverley 10k changed my life!

15th May 2023

Just back from injury, Brian Long was determined to do the Beverley 10K. To find out why, and to see how he coped with those hills, read on...

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So what's it like to run 250 miles?

9th May 2023

If you have wondered how it feels to run so far that you are hallucinating, this one is for you! Craig Simons takes you through the joys and miseries of taking the Thames Ring 250 challenge.

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I’m never doing that one again: a sad goodbye to the Pontefract 10K

7th May 2023

The last ever Ponty 10K so Paul Clarke had to go back for one more try to beat the hour.

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25th April 2023

Accepted at her first entry into the London ballot, Kim tells us all about her capital adventure.

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Manchester marathon - would Phill Donald do it again??

17th April 2023

Not as flat as you think but still a must for PB hunters, Phill takes on the Manchester marathon.

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On your marks: get ready for new Couch 2 5K

14th April 2023

Kingston's successful Couch 2 5K programme set to return in May.

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