Team & Members

We are Hull’s premier running club, open to all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a beginner, a serious hobbyist, a seasoned strider, or just looking to keep fit, KUHAC have something to offer everyone. 

Team & Members

Andy Dickerson
Paul Clarke
Membership Secretary, Kavalier, Website & Content Manager
Mike Gill & Laura Aitchison
Welfare Officers
Paul Scott
Steve Sole & Jo Drewery
Vice Captains
Tom Aitchison & Kaitlyn Jasper
England Athletics Leaders in Running Fitness
Becky Coulman
New Member Mentor
Andy Lewis
Event Photographer
Tom Aitchison
Bi Weekly Hill Training Coach
Tom Aitchison, Rob Jasper, Steve Sole, Sarah Rowland, Anushka McCann
Marathon Training Mentors
Rob Jasper
10k Training Mentor
Tom Aitchison, Steve Sole
First Aiders
Lisa Webb, Simon Johnson, Kim Escritt, Vanessa Snelgrove, Martin O’Neil, Nicola Johnson, Rosie Crane & Louise Morgan
Social Event Committee
Brian Long
David Rivers
Event Scheduling and Club Statistics
Lisa Webb
Merchandise & Public Relations
Tom Aitchison & Laura Aitchison
Steve Sole & Rob Jasper
England Athletics Coaches in Running Fitness
Steve Sole, Tom Aitchison, Laura Aitchison & David Rivers
England Athletics Visual Impaired Run Guides
Anushka McCann
Social Media
Claire Smith
Parkrun Tourism
Rob Jasper
Bi Weekly Track Training Coach
Becky Coulman
Half Marathon Training Mentor
Kaitlyn Jasper
Couch to 5K Mentor
Andy Dickerson, Brian Long, Paul Clarke, Tom Aitchison, Laura Aitchison
Committee Members

Member Trips And Activities

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