Team & Members

We are Hull’s premier running club, open to all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a beginner, a serious hobbyist, a seasoned strider, or just looking to keep fit, KUHAC have something to offer everyone. 

Team & Members

Andy Dickerson
Paul Clarke
Membership Secretary, Kavalier, Website & Content Manager
Mike Gill & Laura Aitchison
Runners Support Officer
Paul Scott
Steve Sole & Cheryl Sayer
Vice Captains
Tom Aitchison
England Athletics Leaders in Running Fitness
Becky Coulman
New Member Mentor
Andy Lewis
Event Photographer
Paul Scott, Mike Gill & Charlie Trzeciak
Bi Weekly Hill Training Coach
Tom Aitchison, Rob Jasper, Steve Sole, Sarah Rowland, Anushka McCann
Marathon Training Mentors
Rob Jasper
10k Training Mentor
Tom Aitchison & Steve Sole
First Aiders
Lisa Webb, Simon Johnson, Kim Escritt, Vanessa Snelgrove, Nicola Johnson, Rosie Crane, Louise Morgan & Becky Coulman
Social Event Committee
Paul Scott & Irene Treston-Waller
Marketing Strategy & Design
Brian Long & Elliot Marling
Treasurer & Accounts
David Rivers
Event Scheduling and Club Statistics
Lisa Webb
Merchandise & Public Relations
Tom Aitchison & Claire Smith
Steve Sole & Rob Jasper
England Athletics Coaches in Running Fitness
Steve Sole, Tom Aitchison, Laura Aitchison & David Rivers
England Athletics Visual Impaired Run Guides
Anushka McCann & Amanda Barr
Social Media
Laura Aitchison
Bi Weekly Track Training Coach
Becky Coulman
Half Marathon Training Mentor
Kim Escritt & Rosie Crane
Couch to 5K Mentors
Andy Dickerson, Brian Long, Paul Clarke, Tom Aitchison, Laura Aitchison, Lisa Webb, Steve Sole & Claire Smith
Committee Members

Member Trips And Activities

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