KUHAC - Awesome even in Lockdown

22nd January 2021

By Rachel Hopkinson

I had been running a while but wanted to improve my running skills and to meet people with similar interests which is of course running! Since I joined KUHAC last July I feel better physically and mentally. The group has a super amount of motivation and sets realistic targets for everyone.

I thought about joining a team before but it seemed a little  daunting. KUHAC just made me feel so welcome. The organisation is fantastic, it really is a great supportive group and despite uncertain circumstances the organisers and everyone that has got involved has lightened it up by creating events such as the Awesome Twosome! 

When the lockdowns start, the fun doesn’t end as the club just moves to virtual events and after an evening on a Zoom call the 40 of us taking part were divided into teams of two for this event. Each pair were given a handicap based on their predicted 5K times then both ran the distance over the weekend.

I don't pretend to understand the maths but somehow I came second with my partner Cheryl in our team Happy Feet. Lots of encouragement and great photos online. What a fantastic group!

The final Awesome Twosome Table