KUHAC's 2020 Year in Strava

3rd January 2021

By David Rivers

With 2020 firmly in our rear view mirrors, here's a look back at a year with very few actual races meaning our motivation to keep training has been tested. So, according to Strava, how have we done?
Apologies to those who are not on Strava as your efforts this year are not included in this round up, this means our actual totals are greater than the totals I will be presenting here.

What does KUHAC’s running year look like?

Total Miles Run 46133 1.85-times round the world
Total Time Spent Running 7190 hours 2 minutes 299.5 days' continuous running
Total elevation gained 1,423,998 feet over 49 times climbing Everest
Total Number of runs 10,220 Average of 28 runs per day for the year

If you are wondering what level of training you need to run a 15 min 5k then here are Baldvin Magnusson's stats for the year.

Mileage Hours Minutes Elevation Runs
3448 miles 407 13 125,584 593

Unsurprisingly he tops the chart for every measure, so I have removed him from the rest of the results.


Well done to Anushka McCann, Becky Coulman, Bibhash Dash, Harry Hudson, Ian Coopland, Keith Ross, Kev Cunnick, Max Stubbings, Nigel Denton, Sarah Rowland, Simon Adcock, Simon Downs, Steve Sole, Tim Brown & Tom Aitchison for all running over 1,000 miles in 2020.

The top of the charts for miles run are

Bibhash Dash 1556
Steve Sole 1436
Simon Adcock 1427
Tim Brown 1420
Tom Aitchison 1416


Anushka McCann 1193
Sarah Rowland 1090
Becky Coulman 1029


Time Spent Running

Top of the tree for time spent running are

Bibhash Dash 258 hours 4 minutes
Steve Sole 217 hours 13 minutes
Tom Aitchison 199 hours 32 minutes


Becky Coulman 173  hours 51 minutes
Anushka McCann 171 hours 21 minutes
Cheryl Sayer 167 hours 21 minutes


Elevation Gained whilst running

Well done to the following who managed to climb Everest virtually. (over 29029 ft of climbing)
Anushka McCann, Alex Wilson, Andy Steel, Bibhash Dash, Carrie Trewern, David Rivers, Ella Shaw Hall, Harry Hudson, Kev Cunnick, Nigel Denton, Paul Scott, Sarah Rowland, Simon Adcock, Steve Sole, Tim Brown & Tom Aitchison

Top three for elevation in feet are

Bibhash Dash 81,227
Harry Hudson 54,797
Tim Brown 52769


Ella Shaw Hall 36,985
Carrie Trewern 35,121
Anushka McCann 32,858

Number of Runs

The top three for number of runs

Harry Hudson 362
Adam Fox 354
Stephen Baker 328


Ella Shaw Hall 395
Jayne Cuttill 225
Cheryl Sayer 216